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    what gets me is that ppl will sympathize with Theon after his abuse more than they will Sansa and Theon was a horrid piece of trash before Ramsay got to him. I wonder why that is tho…


    Like, I sympathize with Theon through and through, but he’s still a dick for what he did and you cannot justify his actions in any way, shape, or form—he’s old enough to know and understand the consequences of what will happen and he still went ahead and betrayed his family; and I call the Stark’s “his family” because although he was just there to insure that Balon (His dad) didn’t try to grab the throne again, the Stark’s treated him with more kindness and respect than the Greyjoy’s ever did, especially Robb and he knew that and he still went ahead and betrayed them.

    Sansa, on the other and, is a little girl—she has no experience outside of Winterfell whatsoever and even talks about the fact that Winterfell hardly ever had any music players come to the castle because they couldn’t stand the cold/there wasn’t much to inspire her so, in order for her to cope with living in such an isolated area, she fully takes on and believes in these fantasies about “the outside world”, a world that she knows nothing of not only because of where she lives, but because of her gender, the gender norms imposed on her, patriarchy, and society of that specific time period.

    It’s so much easier to pick on a little child and say, “she deserves it” than to actually try to understand and sympathize with her cause none of us that are watching are that age anymore—we’re all adults so when we look at it, we think she’s stupid as fuck because we knowbetter. Theon, on the other hand (while in the novels he’s maybe about 16 years old) is about 20+ and we can sympathize with him easily because of his age and his castration.

    Hating Sansa, to me, is taking the easy route….

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    Patriarchy backfiring on men is not sexism against men.

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i didn’t know alpacas were so majestic


    i didn’t know alpacas were so majestic

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    Do you ever hear someone’s voice and kinda wanna fuck it

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    A headache so strong you can sense Lord Voldemort.

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    Supernatural - Light ‘Em Up

    For how short this it, it took a ridiculously long time to make, but oh well. It’s pretty good, in my opinion. Please enjoy!